Portfolio Brief: Instant thoughts and research

As a designer, I often find that being creative on demand can be very daunting and bothersome, particularly when there is a lack of ideas. After receiving the portfolio website brief, I initially felt lost on creating a design that I believed I was comfortable in sharing. After looking at the brief in more detail, I decided to explore already existing design portfolio’s to see how they had embedded their identity into their design.



This design by Weberica embeds the text into the layout and creates a very unique identity for the web designer. This is done precisely through the use of images such as the roses and dove which add a sense of character and individuality to the design. I plan to include images in my main header to portray my own identity. Additionally, the intense use of dark green textures contrasting against the light cream colour of the text helps draw our eye to it. The colours work well together and  has made me aware of how important colour scheme is in my own portfolio.


Bio-Bak takes interactivity to the extreme with their portfolio in which involves a dragging interface. Although intriguing and incredibly individual, I found the website to be confusing and hard to navigate. Depending on the audience of the website, this interface can be much hit and miss. Despite finding the website perplexing, I do however enjoy the fun aspect and the idea of including a game within the navigation of the portfolio.


The smooth scrolling website by FTDesigner has proven to be the most inspirational website that I have come across whilst researching portfolios so far. I find the navigation to be simple, yet practical whilst displaying technical skills and to be user-friendly. By having a one page website, the designer allows you to easily access every part of the website and stay interested in the webpage. I further plan to have a one page website, however still need to decide on how it will be displayed.


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