Portfolio Brief: The emergence of a design

After researching already existing portfolios and gathering ideas on what I wanted my portfolio design to include; things such adding a sense of character and individuality to the design as well as having the whole portfolio on one page, I still found it difficult to think of a design that I would be happy in representing myself.

I began to organise what I wanted my portfolio to include and from there I could try include these in my main design to add character as I expressed previously.



I identified four main areas and within these areas, I began to explore things that symbolise these things through the use of imagery that I could use in my design somehow.

Web Design: Computer, Internet, CSS Code, Photoshop, Digital
DSLR, Polaroids, Printed Images, Film Reel, Flash
(Photography was an easier decision as I instantly knew a DSLR would be most effective and relatable to my own work in my design)
Art: Paint Brush, Paint, Pencils, Easel, Palette, Galleries, Ink, Fabric, Pencil 
Background, Self Portrait, Favourite Colour,
(I realised that the other three areas were also an indication to me as a person so I found it difficult to come with ideas that didn’t include what i was into which included all three areas)

After experimenting on Photoshop with different images from each area, I realised that it would be more beneficial to create the images myself through the use of a graphics tablet. This would furthermore show my skills with digital art in which I have no real examples to add to my portfolio as well as make the the design more fun and unique.

By using a new digital art form, I hope to show that although I come from a fine art background, I am heavily influenced by the use of computers and digital design.

“Previously favoured artistic methods, such as painting, drawing, sculpture and audible arts have been transformed and repositioned in a digital environment – something that sparked mass resistance from the more traditional of creative beings.” (JA Wilson Designs)

What was once considered a very new and unconventional way to create art, is naturally becoming stronger and well established in our day to day lives, just like our interfaces such as smart phones and tablets. The rise in digital art has certainly lead to new and exciting designs which are allowing designers to develop the boundaries that may have occurred in more traditional art forms.


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