Channel Project: Reviewing the brief

The Brief

Now you too can join the race for online video supremacy and develop your own future brand
channel and video content! Your group’s task is to speculate into the future and design an online
channel, with a defined audience, complete with site branding and sample video/ audio content.

A defined audience is crucial to the success of our project as this will allow us to focus in on the audiences preferences and the codes and conventions of their typical media consumption. 


The theme is Design Fiction or Des-Fi (as opposed to Sci-Fi)

DesFi rather than Sci-Fi – “Limiting our design ideas to current issues may dilute the potential for
innovation… but more importantly, by prototyping great imaginative design solutions, we can
increase the demand for change through demonstrating the possibilities that emerge from
overcoming the conditions and contingencies of designing products for only todays market and
todays user.” “Deb Polson, 25 November 2013″ (

The theme of Des-Fi allows us to be broad and inventive with our ideas, however an idea must be created in which will be able to access whilst filming. 


Set up a fictional web-channel set at a projected point in the future which promotes or reports

on one of the following areas:

Travel: eg. driverless cars, teleport, quadcopter travel , jetpacks, timetravel etc

Health: eg, genetics and cloning, designer babies, anti-ageing, body-design etc

Entertainment: eg. gaming, living with virtual worlds, gestural control, eyetracking etc

Architecture: new-spaces, new-living, 3-Dprinting, building materials, environments etc

Communications: eg. telekinesis, ESP, etc

Politics: setting up a new country, political control, dis-establishment
Environment: sustainability, tidal-power, fossil fuels, devolved city centres, real communities

The channel should contain a series of web-episodes which you must produce using video and
audio technologies.

As a group, we must make sure that we either promote or report on our online channel. 


The total online footage should not exceed 6 minutes when edited. (for example, four 90 second

The video content should have some recognisable connection with, or reference to the brand you
have created.

Branding is important in this brief and must connect with our channel.


Within the channel design and video/audio content, you should consider the possibilities for additional website material, eg mobile content, email, social network sharing, forum discussions, and also the potential for subscription through RSS. Your content should be viewable on the web and AT LEAST ONE mobile small screen device.



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