Channel Project: Initial ideas and brand ideas

After hearing the news of an all day brief, we came together as a group to discuss the direction in which we were to take this brief. After looking at the brief and discussing our options, we decided on the topic of 3D printing and how it could possibly benefit us in ten years with such things as shelter and food as well as create terror with the use of printing things such as being able to generate guns in 2014. By having something already existing, we are created a greater sense of hyper reality and a sense that this could, indeed, happen in the future. The more we discussed, the more I found myself believing it becoming true myself.

During the all day brief, we were given the task to create a branding for our channel.

After deciding on the name ‘Inkorporate’, a play on the word, these were our initial ideas:

After more development, we focused down in the use of a speech bubble and the use of a city scape. These two were used to express our reviewing of the 3D printer to our audience, who represent the city scape. The city scape also can be interpreted as being very futuristic.



Our final logo turned out like this:



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