Channel Project: Branding





I knew that the design of the online channel was something that I wanted to focus in on and my main focus was keeping it simple and futuristic. The use of a simplistic colour scheme of grey and white helped secure a futuristic outlook as well as helping with our theme of technology. Additionally, the colours do not interfere with the content on the page and causes the audiences eye to be attracted to the most important aspects of the channel.


Coming up with a new idea meant we had to come up with a new logo based on our channel name: ClipCut. We decided to relate the logo to films in which we created two C’s to show Clip and Cut as well as it relating to an old fashioned film reel, by having it to a similar shape, it expresses the progress of technology through film.


We decided keeping to the colour scheme of the website helped creating a stronger branding and a sense of technology as well as it being able to translate easy on different platforms.


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