Portfolio Brief: Initial Thoughts

Intrigued by the portfolio brief and with the hope of learning new things outside of my comfort zone design wise, I began to consider different types of digital media and how they may be included into our mini projects as I read through the brief.

‘An ability to work with a range of software and hardware to design digital media artefacts’

Hopefully throughout the projects, I will able to branch out with my knowledge of software in which will be useful whilst applying for work experience so I can express my knowledge of more than the basic design software that is often used by many and therefore stand out. I hope to create and achieve a variety of creative outcomes in different media forms that I may not necessarily be the most comfortable in. Also, confidently apply theory to my practical work to add depth and meaning to my work as well as stabilize it.

Although daunting, I’m looking forward in exploring different areas of digital media and hopefully finding something new that I end up enjoying and taking further.


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