Portfolio Brief: Animation Description

We were set a task to create animations, preferably on Flash with a backing track from Garage Band. Initially, I’m intrigued to work with Flash as I have not done so before. I have had experience with Garage Band and although soundtrack is incredibly important within a lot of designs, it is not one of my strongest points as I am not the best when it comes to creating the right soundtrack for the design.

During lectures, we began to look in to the history of animation and the vast amount of development it has gone through. What really interested me was the notion of ‘Anima’ in which comes to literally mean ‘to breathe life into…’ it fascinated me that the idea of design could become something it which can be considered life like and the vast amount of animation that has life throughout the years has been loved by many.

A turning point in animation personally, would be the founding of Walt Disney Product in 1923, in which out lectures showed early works included things such as the famous first sound feature “Steamboat Willie” that includes the world known icon, Mickey Mouse.

Skipping to present day, online channels such as PESfilm are producing stunning and innovative animations that are incredibly unique. The time and effort does not go unnoticed.

The jump throughout the years of animation is incredible and continues to develop even further.


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