Portfolio Brief: Animation Outcome Attempt One

Having not experimented with animation much before, I was stuck with where to start. I’m not the best at coming up with an idea quickly, inspiration normally comes at a very inappropriate time, such as a day before the deadline or whilst I’m half asleep. Keeping in mind that the notes from the lectures and the example animations were much more abstract than I’m used to, I set out to use flash for the first time.

I found it relatively easy to use, if not a little outdated, but nevertheless created something that I would not class as aesthetically pleasing.

These are some screen shots from the very simple animation created in which I was exploring the use of colour within a shape and the placement/overlay of a shape. I would not consider this to be a strong outcome however I feel it was useful to learn from it and develop from it. It also gave me a chance to explore flash and see its strengths and weaknesses for upcoming projects and designs.



The use of colour and space in animation is something in which interests me greatly however using abstractly does not seem to work for me and my way of designing. I further plan to create a new animation taking certain aspects of this and developing it to something that I would consider to be proud to have on my portfolio and that is aesthetically pleasing to me.


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