Portfolio Brief: Animation Outcome Attempt 2

As I was not happy with my first attempt, I took a different approach. I wanted to use something figurative yet still explore the shape and colour within that and decided on a hand to fill with colour to represent creativity and being artistic. The colour signifies a shot of inspiration in which begins to move with the hand and expand as the animation goes on. I much prefer this outcome and it looks more aesthetically pleasing and I would consider using this on my portfolio more so than my previous one. I feel like i have developed my animation skills through this outcome and it runs a lot smoother and realistic than my last one even though it was considered abstract. I will however continue to explore more abstract design and works more as it pushes my limits as I am not used to it and will further my work, giving me more variety in my portfolio and more of a chance in future years. I also decided on this soundtrack as the upbeat quality reminds me a lot of being artistic when I was younger as such shows as Art Attack had similar theme songs and is just a very nostalgistic sound that I relate to art and creativity instinctively.


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