Portfolio Brief: Kinetic Typography Outcome

Focusing in on a song that I enjoy, I found the kinetic typography project really time consuming yet worth it. It was interesting to take apart the words and reflect their meaning through movement, size or shape. After Effects was also a new software to me and I find key framing and the use of camera movement to be really useful and I will definitely continue to use the software and develop my knowledge in so that I am more comfortable with it, producing work that I am confident in. For this outcome, I want to create a vintage look as I felt it fit the song well and feel like I have achieved this with the font and textured background. Having the background move allows the continuously moving typography to be less stiff and I personally feel it makes the final outcome a lot smoother and more professional in terms of the technical skills. I wanted to keep the outcome simplistic yet stylish and feel I have accomplished this.


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