Portfolio Brief: Kinetic Typography Description

Having come across kinetic typography and attempting it before, I was pretty confident in this project and was interested to explore after effects in more depth. This is as I have attempted to create a kinetic piece before however used a different software in which I do not think has the tools and ability that After Effects has to offer. Having worked briefly with After Effects previously, I was open into learning more and become more comfortable with the software to use in later briefs and own personal work.

Kinetic typography in which is the technical name for “moving text” is an animation technique using both moving text and motion to express ideas. It has seen to become more popular for things such as lyric videos and I have certainly seen an increase throughout the advertising sphere. This is as it mostly looks very neat and when well done, very creative and well thought out.


Portfolio Brief: Animation Outcome Attempt 2

As I was not happy with my first attempt, I took a different approach. I wanted to use something figurative yet still explore the shape and colour within that and decided on a hand to fill with colour to represent creativity and being artistic. The colour signifies a shot of inspiration in which begins to move with the hand and expand as the animation goes on. I much prefer this outcome and it looks more aesthetically pleasing and I would consider using this on my portfolio more so than my previous one. I feel like i have developed my animation skills through this outcome and it runs a lot smoother and realistic than my last one even though it was considered abstract. I will however continue to explore more abstract design and works more as it pushes my limits as I am not used to it and will further my work, giving me more variety in my portfolio and more of a chance in future years. I also decided on this soundtrack as the upbeat quality reminds me a lot of being artistic when I was younger as such shows as Art Attack had similar theme songs and is just a very nostalgistic sound that I relate to art and creativity instinctively.

Portfolio Brief: Animation Outcome Attempt One

Having not experimented with animation much before, I was stuck with where to start. I’m not the best at coming up with an idea quickly, inspiration normally comes at a very inappropriate time, such as a day before the deadline or whilst I’m half asleep. Keeping in mind that the notes from the lectures and the example animations were much more abstract than I’m used to, I set out to use flash for the first time.

I found it relatively easy to use, if not a little outdated, but nevertheless created something that I would not class as aesthetically pleasing.

These are some screen shots from the very simple animation created in which I was exploring the use of colour within a shape and the placement/overlay of a shape. I would not consider this to be a strong outcome however I feel it was useful to learn from it and develop from it. It also gave me a chance to explore flash and see its strengths and weaknesses for upcoming projects and designs.



The use of colour and space in animation is something in which interests me greatly however using abstractly does not seem to work for me and my way of designing. I further plan to create a new animation taking certain aspects of this and developing it to something that I would consider to be proud to have on my portfolio and that is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Portfolio Brief: Animation Description

We were set a task to create animations, preferably on Flash with a backing track from Garage Band. Initially, I’m intrigued to work with Flash as I have not done so before. I have had experience with Garage Band and although soundtrack is incredibly important within a lot of designs, it is not one of my strongest points as I am not the best when it comes to creating the right soundtrack for the design.

During lectures, we began to look in to the history of animation and the vast amount of development it has gone through. What really interested me was the notion of ‘Anima’ in which comes to literally mean ‘to breathe life into…’ it fascinated me that the idea of design could become something it which can be considered life like and the vast amount of animation that has life throughout the years has been loved by many.

A turning point in animation personally, would be the founding of Walt Disney Product in 1923, in which out lectures showed early works included things such as the famous first sound feature “Steamboat Willie” that includes the world known icon, Mickey Mouse.

Skipping to present day, online channels such as PESfilm are producing stunning and innovative animations that are incredibly unique. The time and effort does not go unnoticed.

The jump throughout the years of animation is incredible and continues to develop even further.

Portfolio Brief: Initial Thoughts

Intrigued by the portfolio brief and with the hope of learning new things outside of my comfort zone design wise, I began to consider different types of digital media and how they may be included into our mini projects as I read through the brief.

‘An ability to work with a range of software and hardware to design digital media artefacts’

Hopefully throughout the projects, I will able to branch out with my knowledge of software in which will be useful whilst applying for work experience so I can express my knowledge of more than the basic design software that is often used by many and therefore stand out. I hope to create and achieve a variety of creative outcomes in different media forms that I may not necessarily be the most comfortable in. Also, confidently apply theory to my practical work to add depth and meaning to my work as well as stabilize it.

Although daunting, I’m looking forward in exploring different areas of digital media and hopefully finding something new that I end up enjoying and taking further.


Although we did not have our behind the scenes videos to show during our presentation, it went better than expected, much better than our previous group presentation. I feel we rebranding and strengthened our idea completely.

Innovate Trailer:

Behind The Scenes: